Colorjinn Solutions for Color Visualization

As the old adage goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. As a paint business, you can tell how your paint will transform a home, but actually showing it will have a much higher impact.
We can provide you with color tools to attract more visitors to your website. We even enable people to virtually paint their own home. We inspire and engage so that you can convert them into clients. Our tools are simple yet state-of-the-art, without the frills. Because we want to engage your visitors, not put them off with buttons and features that they don’t really need.

Color Your Own Home

Our virtual coloring tool will allow the visitors of your website to color their own home in less than 10 minutes. A corporate license will allow you to make the tool available for free for anyone. Integration into your website is easy by employing an embed code. The tool can be fully customised to fit your needs. A virtual coloring tool can easily become one of the biggest attractions of your website.

Color a Room

Visitors to your website expect to get inspired, which is why you show great pictures. But what if the pictures were interactive rather than static? What if a visitor could simply click a picture to play with different color options? That is what our interactive photos can do for you. They will help to increase your conversion rates and therefore increases your sales.

Tailored Software

Your brand is unique. Therefor your requirements may be unique. Perhaps your situation doesn’t fit our off-the-shelf software solutions. We can tailor and develop color software for you. Utilizing our own frameworks and off-the-shelf components, we can custom build your ideal business solution. From simple tools to complex e-commerce applications.

Color Rendering Service

Getting the right color is important to your customers. They want to see exactly what they're getting - before they buy anything. We make photos interactive, so that colors can be changed in an instant and your customers can play with it. The difference with our other tools is that we do the work for you, in high image quality. An attractive picture often means the difference between loosing or closing a deal.