Color Rendering Service

Show your clients exactly how a new paint job will look.

Save time and effort, outsource your photo editing to the experts. So that you can spend more time doing what you are good at.

As you know, getting the right color is important to your customers. They want to see exactly what they're getting - before they buy anything. With our Color Rendering Service, your customers will be able to see the new look of their home, before spending any money. This will help to increase your conversion rates and therefore increases your sales.

How does it work?:

Step 1
Upload a photo and label the parts that you'd like to color. 

Step 2
You'll receive an email with a link to the photo that has now become interactive. This is an example of such a link. Colors can be changed by simply clicking the photo. If you like you can save the photo online, with new colors.

Step 3
Send the link with the new colors to your client, in your own email, signed with the name of your own business. After all, this is your marketing tool, not ours.

With your first photo, we'll configure your own photo page so that will look and feel as if it belongs to your own business. See the example here. 

What does it cost?

Our rate is based on high quality photo editing, carried out by professionals and the provision of an online interactive photo which can be colored and then shared by email. The base rate includes cleaning up, straightening and cropping of the photo. If you contact us we will be happy te send you our detailed Price List with further specifications and details.