Color Tools for the Home Deco Industry

As the old adage goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. As a paint business, you can tell how your paint will transform a home, but actually showing it will have a much higher impact. Here are two real-life examples of how we help consumers realize their home-deco dreams and businesses to reach their goals:

Colora, Belgium                             Colortrend Paints, Ireland

We can provide you with interactive images to attract more visitors to your website. We even enable people to virtually paint their own home. We inspire and engage so that you can convert them into clients. Our tools are simple yet state-of-the-art, without the frills. Because we want to engage your visitors, not put them off with buttons and features that they don’t really need. 

Ideally, our tools are implemented in such a way that they guide your visitors through a journey that will convert them into customers. The process has four steps: attract, inspire, engage and convert.



Attract more visitors to your website by offering world class color tools and inspiration. Rather than spending a lot of money on advertising, you could also offer great tools for free that will make your website the talk of the social networks. 



Inspire your visitors with interactive color images. Help them to discover new color ideas. Colorjive Widgets not only show real world color examples, but also allow people to tweak each palette to their own preference.



Enable your visitors to upload their own photos, so that they can choose colors specifically for their own home. Viewing inspiring colors is one thing, applying these colors to your own home is quite another. Here's where Colorjive Lite comes in.



Once the visitors to your website have a fair idea of how to fulfill their home deco dream, it's up to you to sell them the products they need. Our software can help conversion with a call to action, for instance by showing the nearest shop or offering a deal.

Colorjive Lite: the lightweight virtual painter
Colorjive Widgets: interactive images
Color Rendering Service: show new colors in a photo
Tailored Applications
Colorjive Pro
Calibrize: the most popular calibration utility on the web