Color and Stories

Each color can give its own message. It can connote a brand, it can connote an emotion. It can reflect a memory. But for that to happen, the color must come with a story. Color isn't the story, it merely carries the story.

Red, as used by Coca Cola, comes with its own story.

Red, as used in a red light district, comes with a whole different story. Obviously, for it to work, the color has to fit the story. A green light district simply doesn't have the same ring to it. Context plays into it. Shape plays into it. All that is part of a fluidity to create a great story.

Consider these shoes:

On the left, a shoe worn by Asafa Powell, who held the 100 metres world record for years. On the right your average training shoe. Similar colors. But it's pretty clear which shoe was made to shatter world records.